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When I was in professional services, one of the things that I noticed I did was I ran a very specific list of diagnostics at the beginning of a customer meeting.

  • Who is the most important person in the room?

  • How technical is this group of people?

  • What kind of mood are they in?

  • Do they appear to be in a hurry, or are they settling in for the long haul?

    • It's a good proxy for "Do they want to be here?"

When I was doing wedding photography, and I was touring the venue the day before an event, I'd run through:

  • How light/dark is the venue?

  • How is the event going to proceed through the space?

  • Where are likely places to take the formal shots?

  • What are my restrictions on movement through the space?

  • Are any of the relatives with us on the walk-through, and are they taking pictures of whatever I take pictures of?

    • That last one is important because those are the people most likely to stand in front of me while I’m trying to get shots.

Assumption: Anyone who has enough experience in a field runs through a diagnostic list to start doing triage on approaches to getting the job done.

Query: What is one of the lists that you run through for your hobby/profession? For bonus points, explain why a couple of the more obscure points are relevant.
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