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How The Party Crew Known As Ziggurat Labs taught me about change, truly appreciating what was, and not regretting the ephemerality of the moment:

Things like ZigLabs exist as a static point in spacetime where the confluence of numerous peoples' lives end up in a specific place, to come together, and to eventually pass each other and disperse.  We were fifteen some-odd people who stood in a circle of time together, and threw the biggest series of parties that Arisia had ever seen, three times in four years.

I will remember laying on the bed at 4am in the hotel room after the ZigLabs Halloween Party along with 10 other people, collapsed in a heap, staring up at the net of LED fireflies on the ceiling. 600 people passed through the party that night, covering four separate rooms, all decorated to within a inch of our collective sanity. When it was done, and the doors were closed, and the sleepers were chased off the couch, and the unfortunate incident was washed out of the rug, we were just laying there, understanding why we did it, and understanding that we may never do it again.... and that was okay.

It didn't have to last; it just had to exist.
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