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In my previous posting, I was following the rabbit hole of an exercise equipment supply chain. Specifically the scenario of "Only a couple of different product variations over several dozen brand names, that is all clearly coming from the same supply chain."

Folks, there is a whole world of possibility, here.

Thinking about it more, I need to find a set of other exercise equipment that meets the same criteria, and then do some Steampunky old-timey thing like "Dr. McGillicudy's Devices of Vigor", complete with ornate scrollwork in the logo and everything.

For example:
Speed Rope: "Dr. McGillicudy's Rope of Velocity"
Wobble Board: "Dr. McGillicudy's Disc of Stability"
Wrist Supports: "Dr. McGillicudy's Stalwart Bracers"

Heck, if you're really good and can sacrifice a little bit of margin, you include a piece of paper in each one giving the story of how Dr. Elias McGillicudy DISCOVERED this MAGNIFICENT DEVICE and how it will help you BUILD YOURSELF INTO A TOWER OF HUMAN STRENGTH WITH THE LITHENESS OF A JUNGLE CAT!

Every now and then, I'm convinced that my inner child has an inner lemonade stand, with a healthy inner balance sheet and inner cashflow statement.
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